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SatoshiSlot.com is currently in invite only Beta stage. If you want Beta access and to be notified when it will go live, please enter your email in field below. You can also contact us at info@satoshislot.com.


Satoshi Slot - A Next Generation Bitcoin Casino Game

Satoshislot.com is the first provider of high end slot games where you can play with bitcoin.

A Bitcoin Game You Can Play Immediately

Deposited bitcoin will be available and you can start betting within seconds. As soon as our bitcoin daemon receives your deposit, your balance becomes available for placing bets. No need to wait for confirmations. Once your deposit is confirmed, you can withdraw at any time.

No Account Creation Needed

When you go to satoshislot.com you will automatically be assigned a personal URL and a bitcoin address. Funds you deposit will automatically be available on this URL. You may also choose to create a password for your personal URL by providing an email/pass pair.

Transparency And Provable Fairness

Provable fairness lets you verify the fairness of the spins. Your unique client seed, the server seed, hash and final shuffle can reproduce and proove the result of any spin you make. We also display all bets, wins and transactions publicly for anyone to verify.



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