How To Become An Affiliate

When you refer players to me, they will be tagged to your account. Each time they place a bet or they win, your account balance will be updated with 10% of the amount. All earnings are real time, and normal withdrawal rules apply to your account. You can create a separate account and apply for becoming an affiliate if you want to keep things separate from your regular gaming account.

There are two ways to tag players to your account:

  1. The player clicks a link that is placed on any page on your domain(s).

  2. The player signs up through your unique affiliate link. Your account is automatically assigned a link that you can see if you click the Affiliate Info link at the top right corner of the game page.

For your account to be approved as an affiliate where all players that arrive to us from your domain/blog/site, please do the following

  1. Create a personal URL simply by going to If you want to create a separate URL for your affiliate account, bookmark your old address, clear your cookies and go to again and you will be assigned a new address.

  2. Email the domain where you have placed the link to us and you personal URL to Please put "Affiliate Application" in the subject.

  3. We will review your domain or marketing proposal and reply. If we approve you, your earnings will now be seen in real time on your account. You can verify that your link or domain is tagged correctly by using it, placing some bets and see that the balance in your affiliate account is affected in real time.

Please note

If a referral link on a domain that tagged to an affiliate, the tag in the link takes precedence.