Terms of Service

By using the service at satoshislot.com, you agree to the Terms of Service. Any questions can be emailed to info@satoshislot.com before playing if you are in doubt.

Your Personal Information

The information you provide is only used to operate the Satoshi Slot service. No data will be sold or shared with a third party.

Provably Fair

Satoshi Slot will not cheat, and you can verify the results of your spins with my Provably Fair system. Players that are caught with malicious behavior will have their accounts and the balance removed. Malicious behaviour includes, but is not limited to, hacking servers, brute force attempts, abusing the random number handling or colluding with any of my operators. However, playing the game(s) as effectively as possible is not a problem.


You can withdraw your funds at any time you choose. A 0.0005 BTC fee is subtracted from this withdrawal to ensure timely delivery of the funds. Winnings that are bigger than my current bankroll will be paid within 1 week.

Your Obligation As A Player of Satoshi Slot

You have to be at least 18 years old or of minimum legal age as stipulated by the laws of your jurisdiction. U.S. residents are not allowed to use this service.

Inactive or Abandoned Accounts

Your account will remain active until further notice. However we reserve the right to place old accounts in an inactive backup if the database becomes too big. This only applies to accounts that have been inactive for over a year. Please note that we have no means of contacting you before backing up an inactive account, so a reactivation request has to be emailed to info@satoshislot.com. Please wait for my reply on how to contact me over an encrypted channel.